Training Compliance Management System

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Proud to Protect Training Compliance Management SystemEffectively implementing a safe environment compliance program across a large organization takes a lot more than a web site with a slide presentation, paper forms and spreadsheets. Your organization needs a system that delivers training to your people, tracks all of the important data and delivers worthwhile information to you and your training coordinators in an easy to use way. The Proud to Protect Training Compliance Management System does all of this and a lot more.

Dedicated  Training Site to Your Organization!

As part of this process, we’ll match the web site design of your organization’s web site or training initiative if you want to ensure your people are comfortable with the training program from the start.

Then, we not only password protect the Proud to Protect site for your organization, we also use secure web technology to encrypt your user’s information so they can be assured that your organization takes keeping their information private seriously. Your trainees will see the secure symbol, typically a lock, when they visit your training site.


Of course, an online Training Compliance Management System needs to deliver training online. The Proud to Protect system provides access to the courses your organization selects for your training participants on virtually any internet connected device from anywhere they have internet access. Now your people can log in from home, work, school, your locations or the coffee shop, airport or wherever and whenever it works best for them. And to help them learn, our system automatically provides audio narration of the courses in both English and Spanish so your audio learners or low literacy learners can better learn the course content. Our goal is to help your training participants learn the content, demonstrate their learning with the online testing and document it for your organization.

Data Collection

In addition to standard data that is collected and tracked as part of the training process, Proud to Protect will collect custom data unique to your organization, e.g. location names, training positions, etc. to ensure consistency with your existing processes, databases and organizational culture. Plus, we include tools for your training participants to keep their personal information updated so your database has current information.

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Training Data

Participation in the online training creates a lot of data to help your organization know that people have completed their training. Training records include tracking of participation and completion of each required element of the training. Now you and your audit team can drill down to training records for each individual to get the information you need. And your organization can record all of the training results for people who complete their training using the offline versions of the Proud to Protect training program as well so all of your training data is in one place.

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Background Check Data

You can also store background check data for each of your training participants in the Proud to Protect Training Compliance Management System. No need to maintain separate spreadsheets or databases.

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Additional Data

The Training Compliance Management System from Proud to Protect can also be set to collect and maintain other data as well, including notes on individual training accounts. Just speak with us about your specific data collection, tracking and reporting needs and we’ll come up with a solution for your organization.

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Audit Data

Organizations with multiple locations or departments often need to collect audit data from each location in addition to that collected automatically. The Proud to Protect system enables your organization to collect this information through our online TCMS so you can aggregate the data, review it and create reports. This audit preparation process makes data collection easier and faster for your local training coordinators and your leadership team!

Online Community

The Training Compliance Management System does a lot more than facilitate the training of your people, track the data and report it back to you.
Contact us for a demonstration and to learn more.

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