Compliance Courses for Adults Working & Volunteering with Children

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Proud to Protect approaches your training initiatives from the perspective of educators, we want to deliver the training so your people best learn. While most people will choose online, we know that online is not always the best option for everyone or necessarily even an option for some learners. Therefore, we offer the courses online and in two offline formats, one for a traditional “class” presentation and a second for individual study.

We also personalize each course to your organization to most closely align with your policies, culture, faith and language preferences. Once we have the course personalized to your organization, we can create three versions of the course to offer your training participants the best learning option for them.

Training options for large organizations.

All Proud to Protect online compliance courses for adults working and volunteering with children include an interactive online lesson, quiz and a certificate of completion available immediately upon successfully passing the course quiz. PLUS, your organization can further personalize all of our courses by reviewing and editing the course content to best meet your organization’s culture, faith and policies.

Included in our compliance courses for large organizations is presentation of your organization’s policies and code of conduct to all of your trainees. We’ll also confirm understanding of and acceptance of your policies and code of conduct. And track it all so you don’t have to do so manually.

Training course elements for large organizations

Proud to Protect offers the following as compliance courses for adults working and volunteering in your organization:

Courses for Adults Working and Volunteering with Children
Recognizing Child Abuse
This course empowers each of us with the ability to recognize signs, characteristics, scenarios, and in general, indicators of suspected child abuse involving physical, sexual and emotional abuse and neglect. You will also learn practices for creating and maintaining safe environments in your organization. We know this is a difficult subject to discuss. For that reason, we think you will find this course to be respectful of the topic while giving a solid foundation in understanding the key information about child abuse.

Recommended as a first course.

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Bullying – The Golden Rule Solution
During childhood, children learn and practice the skills they will need in their adult lives. Bullying is an unpleasant but inevitable part of life that happens in virtually every social group. If children don’t learn how to deal with hostility in their formative years, how will they manage when they grow up and have to face hostility from their co-workers, bosses, spouses and children? Our job, therefore, is not to protect kids from bullies, but to teach them how not to be victims using the Golden Rule.

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Internet Safety – Protecting Children in an Online World
Issues that the youth of today, parents, and those who are part of their world face online is the essence of this course. Participants discover areas of the Internet used by youth, what kinds of threats exist on the Internet and how everyone can protect their loved ones, family members and those under their care or responsibility. A special focus of the lesson includes ways in which adults can protect themselves online.

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Professional Boundaries & Behaviors
As core beliefs, volunteers, clergy, religious and staff working within faith communities have a greater calling than to simply be professionals but that being a good professional, dedicated to excellence, is a means whereby persons can be more effectively served with love and respect. Three aspects are illustrated and explored:– Role, identity and purpose of the professional.
– Boundaries for healthy relationships with those we serve.
– Behaviors that seek to explore habits and actions within relationships with boundaries.Sign Up Your Organization
Serving Vulnerable Populations
Serving Vulnerable Populations is ideal for the organization whose staff and volunteers work with both children and adults in multiple environments. The course covers recognizing abuse in both children and vulnerable adult populations while providing a foundation in professional boundaries and behaviors for staff and volunteer positions.

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Teaching Children for Volunteers
Working with children of all ages can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences. However, at the same time, working with children is quite different from interacting with, or even teaching adults.Learning to work with children can help bridge this gap. You can learn more about how to present your ideas in a fun, interesting and appealing way. It is important to equip ourselves with some tried and tested strategies that work across children from all backgrounds.

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Protecting Vulnerable Adults
In many ways, we are all vulnerable. Most of us are blessed in that when we are vulnerable, we are surrounded by people who can take care of us. In your ministry to those who are vulnerable, you are Called to help those who cannot help themselves by being the eyes and ears of our parish as well as the voice for those who cannot always speak for themselves. This introductory course presents an overview as well as information and tools to report abuse if necessary. Successful completion of this course results in the ability to recognize types and signs of vulnerable adult abuse.

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