BASIC Training Program Tracking & Reporting

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Another important part of any safe environment training compliance program for any organization, small or large, is tracking of training completion and compliance with your policies.

Certificate of Completion

Training completion tracking and reportingA certificate of completion unique to each person participating in training is issued AFTER they successfully complete all of the components of the training course, review of your policies and code of conduct and any other steps required by your organization compliance policies. The certificate is saved in our Training Compliance Management System for verification and reporting while giving your people the ability to get copies of their certificates of training completion to you via email directly from our system and/or by printing their certificates.

Certificate Verification

Each certificate has a unique verification code that can be validated at the Proud to Protect site dedicated for your organization. Simply visit your organization’s Proud to Protect web site, click on the verification link and enter the unique code to confirm that the certificate you received is for the person whose name is on the certificate you were given. Anyone can verify the code regardless of administrative access.

It’s quick, easy and gives you extra assurance that the certificate is valid.

Certificate Reports

Included in the Proud to Protect Training Compliance Management System set up for your organization are reporting tools for organization level training management and local training coordinators to access reports for people in their departments and locations who complete training. Local coordinators can also look up the training status of people from other locations in your organizations who might work or volunteer at their location for a special event. These on-demand reports are available 24 x 7 to authorized management and coordinators to make managing your organization’s training compliance policies easier.

Background Check Data

A common element of safe environment compliance initiatives includes the processing of background checks for all individuals working and volunteering with children and vulnerable adults. Now you can store your background check data and training data in one central database and generate on-demand reports to help you and your local training coordinators more effectively manage your safe environment program.

Audit Preparation

Basic training report and audit toolsMany large organizations have voluntary and required auditing processes. The Proud to to Protect Training Compliance Management System helps make internal and external audit data collection, preparation and reporting easier. First, the Proud to Protect TCMS collects and stores a lot of training data available in the Basic Reporting package. Secondly, local training coordinators can submit their internal audit reports to your organization leadership team through the Proud to Protect Training Compliance Management System. The reports can then be aggregated and reported for the organization for use in ongoing management of your training program as well as for audit reporting.


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