ADVANCED Training Program Tracking & Reporting

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All of the Basic Training Program Tracking & Reporting tools are included in the Advanced program set-up. The following additional tools will help your organization further streamline data collection, reporting and overall management of your organization’s safe environment compliance program.

Advanced Reporting from the Proud to Protect Training Compliance Management SystemAdvanced Training Reports – Drill down the training data to provide reports on specific job categories, courses or other data and have that information delivered to specific leaders in your organization through the advanced reporting functions of the Proud to Protect Training Compliance Management System.

Automated Email Reports to Administrators – The Proud to Protect TCMS offers on-demand reports but you may prefer to have your reports scheduled and delivered automatically by email to you or other members of your organization’s management team.

Automated Email Reports to Local Coordinators – Your local training coordinators are often busy wearing many hats. The automated emailing of their location’s training report makes keeping on top of their training related tasks that much easier.

Email of Certificates to Local Coordinators – The automated training reports above help your local coordinators manage their local program. We can also automatically email copies of certificates for their people to them so they can maintain a local copy of the certificate, either electronically or printed.

Local Program Administration – For organizations that require local training coordinators to have an advanced level of administrative responsibility for their location’s people, Proud to Protect can provide limited administrative access to local training coordinators to maintain accurate user information, e.g. a volunteer’s status as active or inactive, to better help local and organization level program administration and reporting.

Click here to start streamlining your training compliance program with advanced reporting from Proud to Protect.

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