Proud to Protect

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Proud to Protect provides training to tens of thousands of adults each year who work and volunteer with hundreds of thousands of children and vulnerable adults. Organizations around the country use Proud to Protect to train the adult volunteers, clergy, staff, coaches and employees in their organization who work and volunteer with children. Organizations working with Proud to Protect also provide training to the parents and children they serve.

Why Proud to Protect?

If you are reading this page, you share with us a mission to serve children and families. We take that mission very seriously and believe that all who serve in organizations with children have an obligation to protect children.

Proud to ProtectBeing proud is a statement that your organization and its individuals are proactive in taking steps to create safe environments for children and families, and do so willingly. And therefore, the people in your organization should be proud to take upon ourselves that responsibility, to learn so they can do their best to keep children served by your organization safe and if called upon, report child abuse when they have strong reason to believe it has occurred.

You take child protection very seriously and Proud to Protect is here to help you.  We help organizations bring this issue to the forefront in a proactive manner with effective and easy to use training that workers and volunteers can access anytime. This training is designed to be respectful of your training audiences and is targeted to teach your employees, staff, volunteers, coaches and all who interface and interact with children about awareness and action involving child abuse, bullying or online safety.

We offer complete solutions to educate and engage users. Ensure your people are trained and their compliance with our policies is documented. Utilize Proud to Protect training solutions to save money and get everyone on the same page. By creating an environment in which there are literally thousands of eyes looking out for the children your organization serves, you can both maintain safe environments for interactions with children and youth as well as raise the level of awareness thus sending a message that “questionable behaviors” will not be accepted, tolerated or ignored in your community.

We constantly work to create the best training available, so that you focus on helping fulfill your organization’s mission, knowing your staff and volunteers know what to look for, what to do, and who to talk to. Please review the information on this site to help you make a decision about the best Proud to Protect training compliance programs for your organization or contact us for more information.

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